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Bridal espadrilles

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✅Bridal espadrilles hand-sewn 100% in Spain ⭐Unique style in your wedding wedges ➕Comfort guaranteed 2024 Collection

The wedding espadrilles that you will find at Ernesto Terrón are hand-sewn in our atelier. They are made of natural satin, especially for brides , with a leather interior.

These bridal wedges are perfect for your wedding day, as they are made in a special white for the bride.

These bridal espadrilles are ideal for an Ibizan wedding surrounded by nature, sun, beach and sea.

Our wedding wedges are perfect for wearing comfortable footwear on your wedding day , without ever giving up style. The espadrilles incorporate an extra comfortable gel insole, which guarantees that you can stay with your wedges throughout the wedding.

The wedges, also called espadrilles , are 100% made in Spain. They are designed by Haute Couture designer Ernesto Terrón .

Do not hesitate to ask us about our personalized espadrilles for your wedding day or with our colored embroidery, dyed using a completely artisanal process, which will make your Ernesto Terrón wedges a unique and exclusive product.

These bridal espadrilles combine maximum comfort with exceptional style in their design. Hand-sewn, they mix a selection of the most exclusive bridal embroidery and top quality leather. In this way we preserve the savoir-faire of Haute Couture. Without a doubt the perfect choice to enjoy all day.